Lynne Ng Su-Ling, Director

Lynne Ng


Lynne was admitted as a Barrister in England & Wales in 1993, as an Advocate and Solicitor in Malaysia in 1994 and in Singapore in 2000. Her experience and corporate and commercial practice comes from her experience in advising and acting for clients on banking and documentation, corporate governance and compliance, corporate finance, cross-border investments, employment law and contract, intellectual property and licensing, mergers and acquisitions and takeovers.

Presently, Lynne continues to build on her 20+ years of experience to give clients high-quality and comprehensive advice which is always tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

Lynne has probably drafted more guarantees than you’ve had cups of coffee and can document the purchase of an oil block off the coast of Wales (she has a precedent). That’s rare enough, but Lynne combines it with unparalleled negotiating skills both at board level and at the dining table.

Some of Lynne’s more recent notable experiences include:

  1. Fund raising exercises for listed and unlisted companies such as the issue of bond instruments, convertible instruments and placements.
  2. Corporate governance and advisory work, trade transactions and investments.
  3. Cross border and local mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures with a successful transaction value of >S$ 2 billion.
  4. Listing, delisting, corporate notices, circulars and announcements
  5. Representing clients in the automotive, hospitality, oil and gas, financial services, industrial manufacturing, chemical, electronic, food and beverage, agriculture products and construction businessnesses.
  6. Real estate transaction and deal advisory