NK Rajarh, Consultant

N.K. Rajarh’s practice encompasses a wide spectrum covering both civil and criminal litigation. Many of his high-profile commercial and criminal cases at the Singapore High Court and the Court of Appeal have since become entrenched as ground-breaking precedents in Singapore case law.



Prior to joining Damodara Ong LLC, N. K. Rajarh had over forty years of experience as a litigator, primarily focusing on tort, as

well as criminal litigation. He graduated from the University of Singapore in 1979 with an Honours Degree in Law,

and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Law from the National University of Singapore. He was admitted to the Supreme

Court of Singapore as an advocate and solicitor in 1980.

a) Criminal

In criminal practice he has represented accused persons and companies in the defence of various types of offences. He has been the lead counsel for approximately 90 capital cases( both briefed as well as under the LASCO scheme).

b) Insurance & Accident Litigation

In Insurance Law, he is well versed with all aspects of insurance legislation and regulations. He was the counsel in the case of International Testing Co Pte Ltd vs PP(1998) 3 SLR 575 where the court examined various issues in relation to the Insurance Act in Singapore and notably the distinction between an ‘agent’ and ‘broker’ vis a vis Singapore insurance policies and offshore policies.He has also handled accident claims (motor and industrial) both on behalf of insurance companies as well accident victims.

c) Matrimonial

In matrimonial matters, he had represented a cross section of clients in both uncontested and contested divorces, custody, maintenance and division of matrimonial assets and notably the landmark case of Sengol vs Dewitt where he successfully argued and established the precedent in Singapore that there should be a nominal order for maintenance in a ‘short childless marriage’.


Membership in professional bodies / other committees

N K Rajarh served as Chairman of the School Advisory Committee of Greenwood Primary school from 2001 to 2015.

He was a committee member of Law Society Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS)1986-1987 and a volunteer lawyer since 1986. He also served as a member of Drug Rehabilitation Review Committee (2001 to 2020) and the Publications Consultative Panel constituted under the Media Development Authority (2009 to 2019). He was also the Honorary Legal Advisor to the Security Association of Singapore (2010 to 2016).

Currently he is a member of the Inquiry Panel constituted under the Legal Profession Act and a member of the Library Consultation Panel under the National Library Board.

He is also a Volunteer Tribunal Magistrate with the State Courts of Singapore adjudicating claims within the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Tribunals Act.